A Tool For HomeSchoolers!

CrowFly - Lays out your states requirements for graduation.   Don't guess at what you need to do to graduate.  And don't miss out on an honors diploma.  Take classes that are right for you without sacrificing your GPA or adding stress. CrowFly will build you a custom, state approved, degree plan from day one!

CrowFly - Tells you when to tests, how to prep, and when to cut your losses.  CrowFly's moderated calendar means you will never miss a key deadline again.  Not sure when to sign up for SAT or submit college apps? CrowFly knows so you will know.  Know something the rest of us don't? Email and let us know.

CrowFly - Walks you through admissions, financial aid, & career planning.  First, we build a great package that any college will love and reward with an offer of admissions. Then we pick the right colleges and optimize our application.  We get free aptitude assessments to find a major that fits our personality.  And we do checkups along the way to make sure stress, learning differences, and bad teachers don't get in our way.

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