Being A doctor

Is All I'd Ever Wanted

Now, It's Happening!


That would be me! I just graduated with my bachelor's degree in May, but I already have my acceptance letter to John Hopkins.   I can't even believe this is my life.   I keep pinching myself.

I Never Thought About The Money

I went to a private Catholic high school in Chicago. Everybody took the same classes, AP all the way.   We all played the same sports, and we were used to winning.  We all planned to go to college after we graduated but none of us planned to go broke getting there.  I don't think any of us every thought about the money.

By the end of my first year of college, I had my first C (Microbiology) and two loans! Since students are limited in how much they can borrow, my parents ended up having to take the ParentPlus loan.  When I came home for summer, instead of a happy homecoming,  my dad was yelling and my mom was crying.

Up A Creek & Swimming in Debt

The ParentPlus loan was $47,000 for just my first year, and that was on top of the $11,500 that I had to take in personal student loans! This is not the way I saw my life going.   My dad said I would have to come back to Chicago and take some classes at the junior college.   He was not willing to sign another promissory note for my sophomore year.   Without their financial support, I was up a creek.

A youth minister at my church said he knew a lady that maybe could help. It cost $400 for her to assess my situation so my parents were a bit hesitant but boy am I glad they said yes.  Before that summer was over, she had gotten me 64% of my tuition, 100% of my room and board, more than half of my books for the year, and $7,200 towards a study-abroad trip.  I still had loans but my parents went from spending $47,000 to spending $400!!!

But That's Not All

My parents asked her to build my degree plan every year to make sure that I graduated on time and without wasting any more money. That turned out to be the smartest thing we could have done. Because of her, when it came time to graduate, my transcript, GPA, and MCATs were perfected aligned with what John Hopkins wanted for admissions.   She even arranged a local surgeon to prep me for my interview.

Yep, you guessed it.  I got in!!!

Thank you Mrs. Lee.  You rock ☤


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