Spring Baseline

needs a firm
baseline by the
of 10th grade!

February 2017

Last Chance Baseline

Students in 9th and 10th grade need a baseline.  A baseline is a standardized test that is so well normed that it predicts with near certainty things like:

  • Future SAT/ACT scores
  • National Merit eligibility
  • What colleges a student can get into
  • Where the gaps are in a student's learning

Getting a baseline means the student will need to take a test like the PSAT 8/9, Stanford, or Woodcock Johnson IV.  These tests are not all created equal.  WJIV is pricey and a bit of overkill for the average student.  Stanford is not completely reliable because it is administered in an uncontrolled environment.  And PSAT 8/9 is only available in October each year, so it's easy to miss it if you're not careful.

If you missed your baseline, you should consider taking the PSAT 10 aka P10. The P10 is available to 9th and 10th graders only.  It is offered in October, but unlike all the other PSATs, P10 is offered in February as a last ditch option.  Not every school will offer the spring P10, but most school districts will make it available at one or more of their public high schools.

The best way to find out where to go is to call your local public high school, talk to the counselor and ask who is offering the spring PSAT 10 this year.  It is usually free, but may cost as much as $40.  The test date is determined by each school but must be completed by early March, so don't delay in asking around and getting signed up.

Don't Prep! This is a baseline -- so do not prep for this test.  Just have a good meal beforehand, take plenty of pencils and a good, simple calculator, then relax and do your best. Get A Baseline Report

Once you get your scores back, make sure to see a learning specialist who can tell you what the scores mean and how to address any issues the scores predict.  A professional Baseline Report is the best way to make sure your student gets optimal benefit from their baseline.

Get A Baseline!

Skipping This One Step Affects EVERYTHING.✿



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