Colleges & Military Academies

Admissions - Your application determines whether you get accepted by a college or academy, whether they let you into the program or major of your choice, and how much merit based financial aid they offer you. In other words, your application is a big deal.

  • Complete your app as best you can.
      • Then get it optimized for a favorable outcome.
          • It's quick, inexpensive, and infinitely valuable.

Transcripts - Nothing matters more to a college than your transcript. Period!  What you list, how you order it, names of classes, honors vs AP or DE or IB? It all matters, especially for financial aid.

  • GPA - Weighted vs. Unweighted? It matters.
      • Honors - Let the order & wording get attention.
          • Legal - If you're distinguished make sure its noted.
College Essays - This is where you sell yourself.  Make sure the writing is great but the story is amazing.

Resumes - A perfectly built, single-page doc plus an interview is the key!


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