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I went to the best school in town! When I got accepted to my high school, I was so excited.  It was the top private school in my area and I dreamed of graduating with top honors and heading off to Trinity University to prepare for entrance into nursing school.

Things Don't Always Go As Planned

Nursing programs in Texas are very competitive. I knew that I would have to get a top GPA, probably graduate in the top 10% of my class just to get into Trinity, and I would have to come up with a really good score on my ACT.  I was always a hard worker and my STAARs in 8th grade were nearly top of the class so I knew I should do really well in high school.  And I did!  I did much better than even I expected . . . graduating number 1 in my class!!!!

I got in but did not get any money. I applied early and had a great high school record so I was not surprised when I got my letter of acceptance.  I also got into 6 other colleges but Trinity was my #1 for sure.  I immediately paid my deposit and started planning which dorm I would select.

I did not know anything about financial aid. But I had always heard that validictorians got big money from colleges.  So I was blown away when I did not get a scholarship.  My family didn't qualify for need.  It had to be scholarships.  But we filled out the FAFSA anyway.  It showed we would have to pay $67,000 per year before financial aid would kick in! Seriously!

My counselor helped me fill out scholarship applications. We waited till March but nothing came back with any money.  My parents said I would need to stay home for a year and reapply if the money did not come through.  Thankfully, Dad's friend Derron told us about Kathe Lee.

We saw Mrs. Lee the third week of March. She said that I had waited way too late but she would make some calls and see what she could do.  I had to visit a dean and do a late audition for debate but it paid off.  By the end of April, I had 50% of tuition.  She also got me nearly 80% from one of the other colleges I applied to but I really wanted Trinity.  I had to write a bunch of essays for some smaller scholarships but by May we had gotten enough money so that I could go to Trinity!

This lady is amazing.

Love you Mrs. Lee ☺


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