I wish

I had met

Kathe sooner!


Dear Mrs. Lee,

You won't believe it but I just graduated (see attached pictures). 

When I started this journey, I had no idea what was going to happen. You came to my school and talked about AP not getting kids into college and I actually thought you were crazy. Then I remembered that my older sister, Jessica, had all AP and did not get any money at all from Texas A&M so then I started thinking maybe you were on to something.  I'm so glad that my mom brought me to see you when she did. I honestly think I would have killed myself if I had stayed in AP the whole way though high school. It was sheer misery, the work load was insane and I had absolutely no life at all. Stopping AP was a huge relief but it was also terrifying because for several months I thought I was never going to get into college.  Man, you are amazing. I was so wrong.  All the offers I got were exactly as you said, not doing AP freed up so much time that I was able to focus on all the stuff that was needed for admissions.  It made all the difference.  I know that I am rambling but I am just so grateful that you agreed to see us that day and that you were patient enough to help me understand that the way everyone else is doing it is not working so I needed to try something different. I can't believe I just graduated from college with absolutely no debt. I know my parents are so happy but I am really proud that I didn't have to depend on them to pay for my college. You are the best. I hope you come to the party this weekend.  It is in your honor actually because without you none of this would have worked out.  Best day ever!!!!

You are the best ever!



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