Carl D.


Star Athlete


Star Pupil


I loved high school.  I was good at everything that mattered -- tennis, baseball, basketball, and golf. There was a season for every sport and I was one of the best in just about everything. School was great. The teachers cut me a lot of slack and I had friends in every class. I made good grades and school was sorta fun actually.

College is free for sports stars!

Actually, I was looking forward to college. Coach had always told me that I was going to go to college for free since I was an athlete. I didn't even have to think about picking a major really I mean the counselor always took care of all of that kind of stuff. I just played ball. I was thinking I might even play pro ball after college.  I was a little worried about college classes but how hard could a psychology major be? 

I got in but it was not as easy as I expected.

My mom did a lot of work in high school to make sure that I was NCAA eligible.  I even took some AP classes which was a huge mistake because the work load was so heavy I could barely make 'B's in those classes. It was supposed to boost my GPA but it actually ended up tanking it.  Man I hated AP classes. I don't even think I would have stayed in school if it has not been for sports, I hated AP so much. But Mrs. Moore said I needed AP for college.  Turns out that I didn't.  What I needed was a better coach.

My coach scouted another kid over me.

I didn't know it at the time but my coach was using his clout to promote another kid so I actually did not get into all the cool colleges that he promised. I ended up at a state school playing ball on a 30% scholarship. My parents took on loans to cover the rest. Turns out that at college I was not such a sports hot shot.  And I definitely wasn't a good student.  I ended up on academic probation and even lost my scholarship after my sophomore year.  I was in over my head and had no idea what to do.  Mrs. Lee was speaking at my college one weekend and I got to have lunch with her afterwards.  It was like she'd known me for years. She didn't judge me she just showed me my options. It was such a relief having her on my side.

I had no idea there were so many choices.

I switched colleges the next year, got a clean slate GPA, and a 75% scholarship for a different sport.  Mrs. Lee picked a new major for me and chose my classes each semester to make sure that I took classes with good teachers and in an order that would help me grow as a student. I ain't going pro but I got a degree and an internship in sports management after I graduate on Saturday.

I really scored with LeeWay . . . Thanks for everything Mrs. L.


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