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Every day people pay academic advisors thousands of dollars
for what I am about to write.
If you understand this page, you can get college paid for!

Money for college is about primary & secondary aid. Yes, there is National Merit and performance dollars but those go to so few students as to make them anomalies. The big bucks that anyone can get is in merit!

Primary aid is an automatic reward that you get just for applying the right way. Turn in a REGULAR application by the early admit deadline. Make sure the app shows a GPA of 3.8 or better. And an ACT of 30 or an SAT of 1420.   If yo do this, you will get primary aid at any college that offers you admissions & has primary aid.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that, primary aid will only be about 50% of tuition. So you will need secondary aid to avoid debt.

Oh, is your ACT/SAT too low, just apply to different colleges. There are many good, small, private colleges that offer 50% tuition for ACT 25 or SAT 1200.
Don't know which colleges to apply to? Ask a pro!

Secondary aid is hard than primary but it is bigger bucks. Secondary is merit aid that requires a separate application. Unlike primary which is handled by the college and based on the admissions app, secondary is a lot of different scholarships that all have separate apps. All colleges have them and any student that gets primary aid, is eligible for secondary scholarships. (This is not 3rd party aid you see all over the internet.)  Primary & Secondary together are as big as National Merit!

Here's where things get sticky..... You have to find the app for each secondary you want to apply to. These apps are HARD to find. So hard that I have a whole staff of people who spend their entire day just finding Secondary Apps (SA's) for every college our students are applying to. It's how we maintain our reputation of getting top dollars for our clients.

So now you know the SECRET TO COLLEGE AID. Plan early, earn a primary award with a top GPA and great test scores. Then get busy scouting out those Secondary Apps.

Don't dawdle. All SA's are due by 12/15 of the senior year!


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