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Kathe Lee sees a limited number of students in 8-12th grades in her Dallas & San Fransisco offices. She does a full academic assessment and builds a college admissions strategy customized for each student. She is not only America's authority on getting into college & getting it paid for, Kathe also happens to be an expert on how the brain learns and retains information, how to motivate students, and how to reduce stress related to the educational environment.

Get An Appointment - Sessions start with a phone call or email to the LeeWay office.  Staff will take your information and Mrs. Lee will speak to you by phone to determine if she is the best resource for your goals.  During your chat, Kathe will either refer you, advise you by phone, or clear you for an appointment.  This is the perfect way to get an expert academic assessment, personalized high school to college road map, and the answer to all those little questions that have been nagging at the back of your mind.

Get A Baseline - Before you see Kathe in person, you should get a baseline test such as PSAT or Stanford 10.  Bring the result to your appointment along with your starter transcript.  If you suspect a learning delay or gap, schedule a Woodcock-Johnson or Math Assessment with our in-house Educational Psychologist. 

Get A Strategy - In your 2 hour one-on-one session, Kathe will assess your student academically, psychologically, and behaviorally.  She will fine-tune your transcript, form a degree plan, and build a custom strategy that insures a successful outcome -- that's ideal for your student!

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