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Kathe Lee is an author, teacher, advisor, homeschool mom, and consultant to hundreds of colleges and private high schools across the globe.

Her custom educational strategies have helped students of all caliber achieve their academic and career goals without the stress and expense that has become the norm in today's academic circles.

Kathe finds a way for every student to have academic success.

As a consultant, Kathe coaches elite private schools all over the world on how to get their students into top colleges with maximum financial aid. 
She follows a 5 Step fool-proof system.

1. Get A Baseline
2. Be Distinguished in High School
3. Apply to Colleges That Want You
4. Get Apps Optimized
5. Don't Miss Deadlines!

See Kathe live in lecture or pick up a copy of her book,"College Planning Using Dual Enrollment". Setup a private advising session if you're lucky enough to get an opening or sign up for CrowFly, a digital version of Kathe that provides a custom degree plan, event calendar, and step-by-step guide through the high school to college process.


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