DCHS Scholarship Fund

dallas county home school

For over a decade,Dallas County Home School was a source of free dual enrollment classes for students in the North Texas region. Thanks to the pioneering efforts of Academic Specialist, Kathe Lee, DCHS was created as a federal non profit umbrella to allow custom home school students from any area to take college classes while still in high school, and all for zero cost!

Through carefully negotiated contracts with the Dallas County Community College District, DCHS became a conduit between the homeschool community and a wonderful program called Dual Enrollment. For those of you new to DE, Dual Enrollment is a program where students in 11th and 12th grade can take their core classes at a local junior college instead of at their regular high school. Once they finish a class, they will receive both high school and college credits for that subject. Since courses are semester based instead of year long, an industrious student can complete both their Freshman and Sophomore years of college before graduating high school. This avoids massive duplication of effort and saves a ton of money as well!

DCHS is no longer available to students because it is no longer needed. Over the past five years, Kathe Lee and her team have lectured extensively to the private & homeschool communities about the fantastic opportunity that is Dual Enrollment. The message was received loud and clear. There are now a plethora of private schools, homeschool co-ops, and charter educational associations in the region that are now contracted to umbrella students into the DCCCD DE program. If you are a resident of Dallas, Bexar, Wharton, and Rio Grande Valley Counties can take DE classes for free without and umbrella. For students in neighboring counties, contact your local homeschool association about a fee-waiver contract. If they don't have one already, guide them to do so.

But what about DCHS? Kathe Lee was adamant that DCHS should not continue to exist beyond its usefulness. She had a goal of seeing every homeschooled student who wished to benefit from free early college be able to do so. That day is upon us. But the administration of DCHS recognized that, as a federal educational non-profit, DCHS could still continue to serve the homeschool community as a scholarship fund. Although she travels extensively for her lecturing and college consulting obligations, when she is back home in Dallas, Mrs. Lee sees families privately for advising on college admissions & financial aid, academic assessments, and stress related educational issues. The fee paid for this service is donated to DCHS as a post high school, need-based, scholarship fund. To date, more than 100 homeschooled students have received need-based educational assistance from DCHS.

The Dream Lives On!