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We are America's foremost authority on homeschooling through high school to college. We know the laws, curriculums, transcripts, stressors, potential pitfalls, and solutions galore!

Custom schooling is not just doing classes at home. Whether you are a homeschool pro or looking for something new, custom schooling is a whole new world of powerful solutions.  Meet us in Dallas, Texas or via Skype. Sessions are 2 hours one-on-one and include a written master plan. 

We are strategists. We get to know the student then identify exactly where he/she is academically. Then we plot out a clear roadmap to your goal; be it college, career, military, or other.  We address:

  • SAT, ACT, National Merit, Tests Prep, Accommodations
  • College Apps, Essays, Interviews, Majors, Financial Aid
  • and More!

New Clients $500 ($30 deposit)

This is a FULL Academic Assessments with Report!

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