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How To Pay For College

Your COLLEGE PACKAGE will determine what universities accept you and how much money they will give you.  In 8th-11th grade, your goal is to do everything possible to build a great College Package.  In 12th grade, be honest about the Package you have then apply only to colleges that will love your package just as it is and hopefully give you money to attend.  Here are the ways to get college paid for.  Give colleges what they want and you can expect .  .  .  READ FULL ENTRY

Starting Dual Credit Sooner!

Just when you thought that free college credits and efficient high school planning was as good as it gets, along comes a bombshell bonus!  Several states, including Texas, Georgia, and Arkansas have announced that they have lifted previous restrictions on Dual Enrollment (DE), including age and grade.  That means that students can now start DE in 9th grade. They are no longer limited to just 2 courses. They may take non-core classes such as Photography, Bowling & Nutrition. And best of all, they can .  .  . READ FULL ENTRY

Stress Sucks!

Kids in high school are under a lot of pressure these days. There’s more competition to get into college. And more to juggle on a daily basis, including homework, extracurricular activities and a social life. All while trying to get good grades! This pressure can be tough for any teen. And it’s even harder on kids with learning and attention issues. Stress can lead to behavioral changes, rebellion, loss of motivation, learning problems, low tests scores, and all sorts of things that will interfere with your high school to college plan. Here are some of the major . . . READ FULL ENTRY

Time Management

If you have a learning difference, chances are that getting off topic is a well developed habit by this point in your life.  No matter what your diagnosis; ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Attention Deficit, Dyslexia, or Processing Disordered, time management is a common complaint.  If Mom wasn't constantly looking over your shoulder and reminding you to "keep going", its a pretty safe bet that nothing would get done.  Along with inattentiveness and poor handwriting, lack of self time management is one of the hallmarks of .  .  .  READ FULL ENTRY

Sign Up For AP

If you are in an AP class, you should already be signed up to take the May AP test for that subject.  If not, then getting signed up should be a priority right now.  Remember an AP class without the associated test is negated in the College Package.  Of course, you don't have to take an AP class to get the GPA and Honors associated with Advanced Placement testing.  The best way to benefit from AP is.  .  .  READ FULL ENTRY

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