Which Test Prep?

PSAT, SAT, ACT, Subject Tests, AP, IB, Stanford, IOWA -- Kids take a lot of tests before they head off to college. Some of them actually matter. Some of them, not so much actually. Even if you know which tests to take and when to take them, you still need to know how to prep for them. Test prep is big business! According to the news, American's spent more than 2.5 billion dollars on test prep last year. Companies like Kumon, Sylvan, Princeton Review, and College Board make a fortune off of students hoping to be one of the 1 percenters that earn a National Merit title. But are they worth it? Which programs actual raise scores and which ones simply take your money and your time. With the industry growing at 4% each year, pressure on parents to pony up big bucks for test prep will only increase. The best prep for your student is . . . READ FULL ENTRY