Kathe's Blog — psat 10

Students in 9th and 10th grade need a baseline.  A baseline is a standardized test that is so well normed that it predicts with near certainty things like: future SAT/ACT scores, National Merit eligibility, what colleges a student can get into, and where the gaps are in a student's learning.  Getting a baseline means the student will need to take a test like the PSAT 8/9, Stanford, or Woodcock Johnson IV.  WJIV is pricey.  Stanford is not completely reliable.  And PSAT 8/9 is only available in October each year, so it's easy to miss it if you're not careful.  If you missed your baseline, you may want to consider taking the PSAT 10. The P10 is available to 9th and 10th graders and is offered in February as a last ditch option.  Not every school will . . . 


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