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SOMETIMES YOU NEED HELP!  Maybe you have a student who despite all the best efforts, he just is not making the advances that you know he is capable of.  Maybe the problem is a big one that affects everything from math to science, or maybe the issue is related to just one notable gap such as a reading delay.  And sometimes you have no idea what is wrong you just know that something isn't right.  Any time a student is struggling in school, a good tutor could be the answer.

There is no doubt that tutors are a great resource, but how do you know which ones are good and which ones are not?  A good tutor will set you back several hundred dollars each month.  And more importantly, a student will only try for so long before they start to act out behaviorally and resist well intended help.  Before you take on the investment of hiring a tutor or therapist for your student, you should make absolutely certain that the tutor you have selected can get the job done.

Wyzant.comFor the last decade, my private high school, LeeWay Academy, has used hundreds of tutors to help our students achieve their academic goals. Many of those tutors were right here in the Dallas Metroplex.

When you use as many tutors as we have, you learn a thing go two. Like, some are great and others, not so much. The very best provided some degree of psychological benefits while teaching the student how to connect to a particular subject. I call such people, THERAPEUTIC TUTORS.

The type of therapy is not important. Rogerian, Cognitive, Talk -- they are all great in the right hands. The key is not methodology but simply, "How well does the student connect to the tutor?"

I have tried all of the online tutoring services but have not been impressed with the impersonal aspect of most. I have come to rely on just two: (for in-person) or (for Skype or phone tutoring). I have come to trust their vetting system and most tutors will give a free initial hour if asked.

Tutor.comI only pick tutors with 5 stars & massive amounts of ratings. I set up an interview with my top three then watch how my student interacts. Is the student happy, open, relaxed? That's my tutor. It is not about who I like. It is about who my student connects to.

Below are my top 3 favs in English, Math, Tests Prep & Remediations. I certainly have extreme favs in my state; these are the best I've used across the country. They have proven, excellent outcomes and up-to-date background checks. - Enjoy


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