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Summer is here and students across the country are looking for ways to fill two whole months of downtime. While academics rule the school year, summer is the perfect extended window for those equally critical extracurriculars. I know, you already play in a sports league or invest hundreds of hours in competitive debate, but it is not enough.  Sports & Debate may be fun, but colleges don't give top dollar except to the top 1% of participants in such activities.  If you want those big college scholarships, summer is the ideal time to focus on the trifecta of leadership, competition, and service to others.


Leadership - This is your chance to prove to a college that you have what it takes. Come scholarship time, it could really matter!  Start a business.   Take the reins of a club or project.  Create a website to promote your excellence in sports, art, music, or dance.   There are infinite ways to show that you are going to do something with your life.   Colleges and scholarship boards will pay close attention to your leadership record when they are parsing out those big endowment dollars.  This is what summer was made for!


Competitions - Colleges love a winner.   Everyone can be a winner at something.   Compete in something you love . . . and win! Competition is not really about beating the other guy.   Its about getting steadily better at something that matters to you.   Don't take up a new hobby just to win medals or praise.   Take something you already love and compete in it.  Baking, sewing, photography, dance, art, programming, math, chess, piano, or even video gaming!  It does not matter what you compete at.  Just get out there and try.  And when possible . . . win!


Community Service - People who serve others are not only giving back but they are setting themselves up to get . . . COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS! Tests scores and grades will earn primary financial aid, but it won't be enough.   If you're lucky you might get 50% tuition and fees.  In order to afford room & board, books, and the other half of your tuition, you're gonna need secondary scholarships.    That means you need to get out there and do something impressive, or meaningful while in high school.   Serving others is the best way to impress a scholarship committee.   And it's the best way to make a better planet for us all!

Helping Others Pays!

Help Yourself While Your At It ♔


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