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Dual Enrollment


younger students
can get in
on the benefits.

But Beware!


Dual Enrollment is also called dual credit. Dual credit is a federal program that allows students in high school to take some of their classes at a local college.  If they pass the college class, say College Algebra, they will get credit for both college and high school.  In this case, they would get credit for MATH 1314 at the college level, and credit for Advanced Math in 11th or 12th grade at the high school level.

Why would someone choose to do dual credit? Save time!  Save money!  Save precious emotional energy!  Become a better student before going off to university. And if used correctly, dual credit can dramatically increase non-loan financial aid for college!  But alas, that's a blog entry for another day.

Dual credit is a fraction of the cost of a university. Most students can finish a whole year of college in their last two years of high school.  Many of my students finish two full years!  And in Dallas, dual credit is free!  Are you seeing the potential yet?

Take a class one time, through dual enrollment, and you've done high school & college in one fell swoop.  As if that isn't motivation enough, many dual credit courses are only one semester long but count for a full year of high school! I know, even I'm getting excited now! But . . . just when you thought that free college credits and efficient high school planning was as good as it could get, along comes a bombshell bonus!


Several states, including Texas, Georgia, and Arkansas have announced that they have lifted many of the previous restrictions on Dual Enrollment.   That means, that in some states, students can now start DE as early as 9th grade. Oh, DE is just my attempt to acronymize the phrase, "Dual Enrollment". Acronymize is my word for the week.

Under new guidelines, students who are eligible can now start dual enrollment as soon as they can pass an official placement test.  Other big changes:  They are no longer limited to just 2 courses per semester as in days of old.  They also may take non-core classes such as Welding, Photography, Bowling, EMT Training, or Nutrition.  And best of all, they can do this early enough that they can benefit from the power of dual enrollment on their college applications.


Find out if your student is ready. First, ask yourself is your student mature enough to take this serious.  DE is real college.  The classes may be easier than high school AP courses but the transcript is VERY real.  Assuming he is mature enough, you will need to find out if he is smart enough.

Take the official placement test.  If he passes, he is ready for DE.  Placement is a no-fault test.  So no harm, no foul.  If he does well enough on the placement, then get started sooner rather than later.  If your district has a free or discounted program, then "what are you waiting for?"

Make sure to pick the right classes with only the best teachers -- easier said than done.  Knowing what to take and when to take it is not easy.  Picking great teachers is even trickier.  So, start early and use your resources!

Make your student's life easier!

Use dual enrollment wisely. ✌


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