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Helping Poor Testers

There seems to be an epidemic of “poor test takers” who routinely get A’s on their homework but fail miserably on quizzes and tests. Looking at their grade sheets, you’ll see a few D’s or F’s for tests and quizzes scattered among a sea of A’s for homework. Parents shake their head in confusion because their children manage to get high marks for doing their homework but those good grades aren’t reflected in their low test scores.  Parents often meet with their children’s teachers in search of explanations for these disparate grades. As the director at Merit Educational Consultants, I often hear parents’ claims that their children do their homework and receive excellent grades but that they are just . . . READ FULL ENTRY

Portfolios - How To

If you have a gift, you will want to build a portfolio.  If you are applying to colleges and have an artistic gift such as drawing, painting, photography, music, dance, etc. then you should submit a portfolio with your application.  If you are using CommonApp.org then you will find a place specifically to upload your portfolio. Use it.  If you are using another application site, there will usually be a place where you are allowed to "share any other information that you think is useful to the application process".  This is a great place to upload a resume, explanatory essay, or portfolio.  In order to make a portfolio, there are a few things you will need to know about . . . READ FULL ENTRY

Engineering Scholarships - For Women!

Every week I receive at least one email asking me about scholarships for women who plan to pursue a degree in Engineering.  Not surprisingly, engineering as a major is a field that is very disproportionately made up of employees, managers, teachers, and mentors of the male persuasion.  How is a women supposed to get her foot in the door?  Well, the fact is that many colleges and business have partnered to try to address this glaring discrepancy.  Colleges are doing their share by offering my openings for female applicants to their engineering programs.  This includes everything from computers and biomedicine to mechanics, petroleum, and electrical engineering programs.  But getting into an engineering program is not enough.  It needs to be affordable. This is where industry has stepped in.  There are now a wide range of good scholarships available for female students who plan to major in some area of engineering . . . READ FULL ENTRY

How To Impress Colleges

Getting into college is more competitive than ever. Schools are receiving more applications, which means their acceptance rates are getting lower. Your high school grades and performance on the SAT and/or ACT are often important factors for college admissions officers, but they won't make you stand out from a crowd of other good students. To truly impress admissions officers . . . READ FULL ENTRY

CLEP Scores

What do your CLEP scores mean? Last month you learned that you can take a single test called CLEP and get college credit.  This is a good thing.  You also learned that not all colleges will accept all CLEPs so if you are not careful you could do a lot of work for nothing.  This would be a bad thing.  This month is about CLEP scores.  What they mean, what you need, and how to do better.  CLEP is out of 80.  Meaning, a top CLEP score is an 80.  The lowest score you can get is a 20. If you do the math, that means that the halfway mark is a score of 50.  Which is exactly what many school require in order to give you credit for a subject;-- a 50 on a CLEP.  More selective colleges will usually require a 60.  This means that somewhere between 50-70 percentile on a CLEP test will get you 3-8 college credits in a single subject.   That is worth going after, but what if you happen to fail a CLEP test?. . . READ FULL ENTRY

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