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Money For College

Money For College

Kathe Lee is America's most successful high school to college planner!

For the past decade, Kathe has taught the most elite private schools in the world how to get their students into the best colleges while winning top notch scholarships.

Kathe's trademarked admissions & financial aid secrets are now available to our users -- That's You!

The SECRET FORMULA is so simple, I'll spill the beans right here! Three little things at exactly the right time and you will get in & get it paid for!   ~ Kathe Lee

Get A Baseline
Build Your Resume
Apply To The Right Schools

Kathe's three-step formula is virtually fool-proof especially when combined with our proprietary Countdown To College tool -- CrowFly!

delivers a custom grade-specific check off agenda to your inbox each month. CrowFly tells you exactly what to do exactly when you need to do it! CrowFly is like having Kathe in your pocket all the way through high school.

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  • CrowFly

    Gets you into College!
    Gets it paid for!

    CrowFly© comes straight to your inbox every month.
    For public, private, charter, and homeschool high schoolers. . .
    CrowFly tells you what to do.
    And, when to do it.

    It's your move!

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    Get answers to your questions. Right now!

    Talk to an expert, live!

    Book a date & time, then sit back and wait for a phone call.

    Your academic expert will answer questions, optimize transcripts, review college essays, or complete your apps. All in real time!

  • Private Sessions

    with Kathe Lee!

    Meet Kathe Lee!

    Appointments are available in her Dallas, San Francisco, or New York office for a personalized, one-on-one learning assessment and college admissions strategy.

    Only for students in 8th grade through 1st year of college.

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    Optimized Transcripts
    & Bound Diplomas

    Get A Transcript That Makes A College Notice You!
    We know the trick to giving colleges what they want!

    Celebrate Your Special Day
    Order a professional transcript in binder with seal. Then present your student with a true treasure.