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Getting Into College & Getting it Paid For!

"Getting in is easy.         
Graduating debt-free is the hard part!"

                                                                           -- Kathe Lee

Kathe Lee is an Academic Specialist,  but her clients know her as a BEACON OF HOPE!  That's because she finds a way for every student to have academic success without undue stress.

As a consultant, Kathe coaches elite private schools all over the world on how to get their students into top colleges with maximum financial aid.

But for you parents out there,  Kathe lectures, writes, and explains how you too can optimize high school for college admissions, financial aid, and career success.

Kathe's proven program is called LeeWay.  LeeWay is a cutting edge philosophy on how to educate students while preparing them for success in college, career, and life.  LeeWay eliminates the stress of high school and focuses on success.  No special tools required.  Just good ole common sense, a proven strategy, and a little bit of neuroscience thrown in.

LeeWay starts with a baseline, then focuses on core mastery.  LeeWay students complete a high school package that is guaranteed to give admitting colleges what they want.  Already have learning issues or behavioral problems?  LeeWay deals with these issues with zero redundancy, maximum mastery.

Kathe's motto, "Low stress - high success."

For the past decade, Kathe Lee has painlessly moved thousands of students from high school to college with top notch non-loan financial aid.  And you can do the same thing!

Why keep doing what doesn't work?  Especially when we know what does works . . .

  • Eliminate the overkill of university model curriculums, 50 plus hour school weeks, and intensive AP courses.
  • Reduce classroom hours, exhausting homework sessions, and laborious test prep.
  • Make school about true mastery, exploring personal interests, finding a career, and just enjoying life!

Kathe's new book will be arriving on bookshelves
August 15, 2016!

College Planning Using Dual Enrollment
Optimizing High School For Admission & Financial Aid
"It's time we gave the artificial stimulant industry a break!  Let's walk away from midnight study sessions. Get away from over-kill AP classes.  Stop the prep/tests cycle.  Colleges don't reward it and students hate it!  Let's focus on preparing our kids for a debt free career instead of continuing to push them through the grinder of high pressure college admissions.  Do you want to do what everyone else does, or do you want to do what works?"     ~ Kathe Lee

And that's why we call her,
The Voice of Education!






Standardized Tests

Not everyone needs every test.  In fact, over testing is just as big of a problem as taking the wrong tests at the wrong time.  In 8th grade and up, a formal PSAT is a very useful tool.  First as a baseline.  Then as a year-over-year comparison to confirm that your student's curriculum is working.  Once you have a formal baseline, you can start to fine tune your high school degree plan and classes to meet long term college admissions and financial aid goals.  For 10th and 11th graders, who tend to be naturally good tests takers, following the right testing schedule is a major deal!   Here's the low down on what to take, why to take it, and how to prepare.  The first thing to know is .  .  .   READ FULL ENTRY




Dual Enrollment

Just when you thought that free college credits and efficient high school planning was as good as it gets, along comes a bombshell bonus!  Several states, including Texas, Georgia, and Arkansas have announced that they have lifted previous restrictions on Dual Enrollment (DE), including age and grade.  That means that students can now start DE in 9th grade. They are no longer limited to just 2 courses. They may take non-core classes such as Photography, Bowling & Nutrition. And best of all, they can .  .  .  MORE




College Planning

Summer is here and students across the country are looking for ways to fill two whole months of down time.  While academics rule the school year, summer is the perfected extended window for those equally critical extracurriculars.  Sports &Debate may be fun but colleges don't give top dollar for these activities except to the top 1% of participants.  If you want those big college scholarships, summer is the ideal time to focus on the trifecta of.  .  .   MORE




Learning Differences

If you have a learning difference, chances are that getting off topic is a well developed habit by this point in your life.  No matter what your diagnosis; ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Attention Deficit, Dyslexia, or Processing Disordered, time management is a common complaint.  If Mom wasn't constantly looking over your shoulder and reminding you to "keep going", its a pretty safe bet that nothing would get done.  Along with inattentiveness and poor handwriting, lack of self time management is one of the hallmarks of .  .  .   MORE




College Planning

If you are in an AP classes, you should already be signed up to take the May AP test for that subject.  If not, then getting signed up should be a priority right now.  Remember an AP class without the associated test is negated in the College Package.  Of course, you don't have to take an AP class to get the GPA and Honors associated with Advanced Placement testing.  The best way to benefit from AP is.  .  .   MORE




Financial Aid

If you are a senior headed off to university this fall or a current college student of any age, money has got to be on your mind. College is expensive and in short order someone is going to be writing some big checks. Hopefully, you have planned well up to this point, optimized high school to pay for college by following LeeWay, and you already have at least one primary and one secondary scholarship in hand. Now you need to do one more thing.  .  .   MORE




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