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Dallas County Home School is a one-of-a-kind umbrella program for parents who want to take charge of their child's education.

Public Schools are free but many students labor under the inflexible schedules and class choices inherent in the public system. Such program have to manage extremely large groups of students and do not have the legal freedom to make adjustments to meet any one student's needs.

Private, charter, or university model schools are expensive and notorious for heavy course loads, excessive homework, and high student burn out. Most families end up pay for appearances over performance without realizing it till its too late.

Homeschooling can be demanding, and students often feel out of sync with their peers and college admissions. While HSers have nearly unlimited freedom to create an educational system that will nuture their students and give them highly competitive college admission packages, few parents understand what that entails. We do!

Homeschooling is Custom Schooling!

updated on April 1, 2015

Custom schooling is the best of all worlds. Using the amazing flexibility of the Texas Alternative School rules, you can build a tailor-made school program for each of your children that fits their exact needs.

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