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College Planning

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  The Lecture Series by Kathe Lee



2015 Series Includes...

Financial Aid 101


Homeschool 2 College

HomeSchool 2 College™
Everything You Need To Know


The Brain
Prefers To Learn

The College Aid process from start to finish. Loans, grants, merit-based aid, scholarships, and ways to reduce overall college expenses.

Maximize Dual Enrollment & Advanced Placement. Earn a 50% college scholarship before you finish high school!

Gives parents the tools to optimize the learning process. Hear the latest research on retention, learning issues, memory, and behavior.

To Schedule a Free Lecture...

Mrs. Lee's lectures are available to any home school group for free upon request!

Fall 2015 schedule is being created at this time. Call or email to place your request.


  Private Sessions

Private Advising


ADVISING SESSIONS with Kathe Lee are available on a limited basis for...

  • Scholarship Packaging
  • College Planning
  • Curriculum Development
  • Learning Assessments
  • Behavioral Issues

When a student has a delay in one of more subjects, educational screening is needed to find the root cause and discover possible ways to fix the problem.

Get a custom curriculum plan for each student in any given school year following a detailed learning assessment.

80% of High School students start college. But only 32% ever graduate!

When a student has decided to leave college prior to graduation we determine what is driving that decision and offer options to the student other than quitting.

COLLEGE PLANNING Getting in and getting it paid for is all about applying to the 3 plus colleges that are a perfect match to your student's College Package. Successful college planning starts early. Get help with picking, applying, and organizing your package for college.

SCHOLARSHIPS Getting in is EASY! But taking on the debt of college is a hugh mistake that can set a student back for years after graduation. Learn how to build your College Package for maximum financial aid.


 Brain Based Learning

Brain Based Learning


THERE ARE THREE Stages of education that precede college. Failure in any of these stages results in diminished college and life success!

The Memory Stage
0-8 y/o

This stage is all about input. The brain is built for memorizing raw data till age 7!

  • Read to the Child Daily
  • Answer Their Questions
  • Let Them Explore Physically
  • Science Overview
  • Historical Facts
  • Math Tables Down Cold
  • Read, Read, Read

The Connection Stage
8-13 y/o

Now is the time for context!

  • Science Hands-On
  • Historical Readers
  • Hands-On Equations™
  • Daily Hands-on Projects
  • Read Literature Constantly
  • Regular Paragraph Writing
  • Feedback is Critical

The Applied Stage
12-18 y/o

If they don't apply it there is no mastery!

  • Let Them Teach Younger Kids
  • Competitions of All Kinds
  • Shadow People at Work
  • Use PSAT to Spot Gaps
  • Make SAT Your Curriculum
  • Let Them Face Adversity
  • Get Career Guidance Early

For Overall Success It is important that students get what they need at each stage and that they do not proceed to the next stage without mastery in each school subject.